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Collective Worship

In our school we believe collective worship should provide opportunity for reflection and a diversity of response.  The act of worship will endeavour to cater for children of many different beliefs and backgrounds whilst being of a broadly Christian nature for all pupils.


Collective worship makes an important, although not exclusive, contribution to spiritual, moral and cultural development in our school.


The 1988 Education Act stated that:


• all pupils must take part in a collective act of worship every day.


• the act of collective worship may be as a whole school or in different age groupings.


• it may happen at any time of the school day.


• it has to take place on school premises (in an aided school the Governors can make arrangements for worship elsewhere on special occasions e.g. the local church).


• the head teacher is responsible for ensuring the legal requirements for collective worship are met (in an aided school the responsibility for securing daily acts of worship lies with the governing body after consultation with the head teacher).


• the character and content of collective worship in these schools continues to be determined by governing bodies in accordance with their trust deeds.


• all staff, including the head teacher have the legal right to withdraw from collective worship.  The head teacher remains responsible for finding someone suitable to organise and lead the acts of worship.


• all parents have the right to withdraw their children from collective worship, wholly or partially.  The school’s responsibility for the child’s health and safety is still paramount.