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Complaints Procedure

All schools in Norfolk want their pupils to be healthy, happy and safe, and to achieve. They recognise that parents, guardians or carers play an important part in making this happen. Co-operation between parents, staff and governors leads to a shared sense of purpose and a good atmosphere in the school.


Our procedure follows Norfolk Childrens Services’ protocol -


Level 1 (Informal) Talk to the Class Teacher



Unresolved ~ Move to Level 2


Level 2 (Informal) Talk to the Headteacher or Senior Teacher

Support can be offered by one governor

Can request information or support from Norfolk Childrens Services


Unresolved ~ Move to Level 3


It is hoped that most problems will have been resolved by now.


Level 3 (Formal) Formal complaint letter to the Headteacher


Unresolved ~ Move to Level 4


Level 4 (Formal) Formal complaint requesting a Governors’ Complaints Panel


Decision of the Complaints’ Panel is final


A full copy of the school’s complaints policy can be obtained from the School Office.