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Emergency School Closures

The Headteacher will normally decide whether the school should be closed due to unforeseen circumstances - for example, a failure in essential services or difficult weather conditions.  The school will make best efforts to inform parents as follows:


• Every effort will be made to ensure that there is a member of the school staff on site

• Information will be posted on the school website –

• Information will be posted on the Norfolk Childrens Services’ website -

• Information will be published on Radio Norfolk and KLFM

• The bus company will be informed that the school is closed and may inform parents at the pick-up points. It is essential that if your child is normally left at the bus stop alone (if for example, you go to work) then you make arrangements for your child’s well-being with someone else.  It would be a good idea for the school to be made aware of such arrangements.

• If your child arrives at school alone we will use emergency contact details to inform you that the school is closed. It is essential that these details are kept up to date.



Closure during the school day


It may sometimes be necessary for the school to be closed during the school day, for example if an essential service fails.  In this instance as many parents as possible will be contacted, using the emergency contact list.  No child would be sent home unless parents have been contacted.