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NURSERY and Transition

We are very fortunate to host Burnham Market Nursery within our building.  We find that once the younger children are familiar with school surroundings, their transition to full time education becomes a great deal smoother.  The Nursery has now experienced a number of successful OFSTED inspections and received good reports.


As a school we believe that a positive start to school is essential.  To achieve this we have an induction programme for our new intake.  


This involves:


• Encouraging new parents to make an appointment to look around the school and to ask questions

• Pre-school meetings for parents to inform you about early experiences

• Induction days for children to help smooth the transition

• A “reading meeting” to help emphasise the importance of developing reading skills and share ideas of how to do it

• Each term we include an overview of each class’s curriculum to ensure parents are informed and able to contribute, if appropriate, e.g. holiday visits to museums, art galleries etc


Much of your child’s early learning experience will be based on “active learning”, “hands on” and discussion.  The school follows Early Learning goals.  These progress for nursery, and then by the end of reception most children will be working within the National Curriculum.


Our belief in a positive beginning to school is reflected in the huge investments we have made in the provision of outdoor play equipment, within a secure play area, and the indoor wet and sand play areas.  By providing the best equipment, quality teaching and support staff we aim to offer the highest quality education for our children.