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Our Curriculum

At Burnham Market Primary School we support our children's education by engaging their curiosity and fostering enquiry which in turn helps the pupils to take charge of their own learning.  Key skills such as writing and problem solving are integrated.  We value the skills and experiences of our community readers who help broaden our children’s reading. Each topic has a strong link to a book and is enhanced by well thought out educational visits as well as visits from specialists.


Recent topics have been:


What would your ideal island be like? Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo, Commotion in the ocean by Giles Andrea which YR/1 used as a title for a topic. Where does our food come from? Sheep Pig by Dick King-Smith


This year we have adopted a values based curriculum which focuses on a value each half term starting with respect.  We believe that taking responsibility and resolving any problems are key elements of the school day as well as in life.  We aim to foster skills that are adaptable and help create a buzz around learning, peer support and reflection.  The values based curriculum is already having a positive impact on our children and staff.


Our six golden rules:


We are always kind and helpful…

                                                 …We always try our best

…We listen to each other                         …We respect each other and their property

                                        …We walk in school

                                                        …We take pride in our school and our learning


…are not just about behaviour but about fostering an attitude that promotes co-operation and a positive mind-set amongst the pupils and the wider school community.


We prepare our children for high school and help them become learners for life, who are motivated to put 100% in all they do.


Our school welcomes in anyone who has something positive to contribute and we therefore have many links; examples include; The Holkham Estate, The Purcell School of Music, as well as local businesses and organisations.  


In turn we have a very busy program raising money for local and national charities as well as representing the school at community celebrations and events.


We believe that everything we do supports and strengthens British values and the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance for those with different faiths and beliefs.



Together Everyone Achieves More


Whole school overview