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School Priorities 2017-2018


Every year, we make sure that we focus on key priorities highlighted in our school. We take pride in the fact, that we are a very reflective and forward-thinking staff, who are always keen to improve and develop the learning opportunities for all our children, so that all children can achieve their potential.



Below you will find the key points that we are focusing on this year:


We are continuing to raise standards in Key Stage 2, with a particular focus in Reading and Maths. We have really enjoyed our author visits this year from Paul Dowsell and James Bracey.


We are continuing to challenge our most able children in Maths in all year groups, making sure that all children are fully engaged in Maths learning every day and reaching their full potential.  We do hope you'll come along to one of our parent workshops or open mornings and see how Maths is being taught in school. We are enjoying being part of the Sheringham Teachign School Alliance project which is focusing on making sure that both boys and girls enjoy their Maths. We are developing our Maths mindset to tackle any mathematical challenge that faces us!


Our termly Pupil Progress Meetings continue to have a great impact on making sure that all groups of children are progressing as well as they should be. This is then shared each term with parents at Parent's Evenings - we do hope you attend and find these useful. Our last parent's questionnaire was very positive in November 2017 and we are glad that you find these appointments so useful.


Please do remember we run an 'open-door' policy in school, so if you would like to speak to a teacher about your child's progress or achievements at any point, please do pop in and see us. You can also book an appointment through Mrs Brown in the school office.