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Sex Education

The aims of the school’s sex education policy include:


• To help children recognise and realise that honesty, tolerance, mutual respect and understanding are important in relationships


• Sex education will integrate appropriate factual information within a moral, social, cultural and spiritual context


• To inform and enlighten children with knowledge and information concerning their emotional and physical development as it relates to their age and maturity; being dependent upon their readiness to receive and understand the information which will be presented in an objective, sensitive and balanced manner aiming to help them build a healthy regard for human sexuality as future adults and parents.


• Sex education will be taught in a way which is sensitive to the cultures, beliefs and attitudes of pupils, parents and society, and which promotes equality of regard and opportunity.


• Sex education will be seen as part of the Science and Personal and Social Health Education, and relevant opportunities will be taken to place sex education in the context of the whole curriculum.


• We will consult and inform parents of the content and organisation of our Sex Education programme, of their right of withdrawal from Sex Education and the procedures for making a complaint. Governors very much hope that the educational advantages for all children to be involved in the provision of Sex Education will prevail.